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It’s no secret; the jersey is one of the most important things when it comes to sport. As a player or a supporter, your jersey states who you are and the team you represent. Understanding the basics when designing your jersey is crucial.


Below we look at 5 key areas to keep in mind. These points can be applied to the majority of sports and team wear products.



1.Research current designs in your sport

Unless you already have a design in mind, you have 2 options here; either jump on our website and use our free Kitbuilder or search the web for some inspiration. The key here is to shortlist the selection down to your top 7 – 10 designs.

Keep in mind ‘your sport’. For example; if you are designing a Rugby League jersey, chevrons are a key feature that will authenticate the design straight away. If you draw on the history and style of the sport you will already be one step closer to a successful final design.


2. Keep in mind your club’s traditional style

Although designing a new jersey is seen as an opportunity to give the club a fresh new look, it is also an opportunity to build on your club culture and tradition. By incorporating recognized club design features such as; chevrons or butchers stripes, you will keep your long standing members happy. In doing this you then allow the rest of jersey to become an open canvas for an exciting new style, which in turn keeps the juniors engaged.

When it comes to a specific event, i.e. charity game or a carnival, this is a great opportunity to design something off the wall and away from tradition.


3. Get your ideas down on paper – it’s easier to visualize

It is much easier to engage with your designs if you can see them. Either do it yourself, engage a designer or even better get a junior member of the club to help. It doesn’t have to be a master piece, but a quick sketch will breath some life into the design.

It also makes it a lot easier to explain and win over team mates and committee members if they can see it in front of them.


4. Select 3 designs and apply your clubs colours

Designing a jersey can be an endless process and satisfying everyone is near impossible. Whilst presenting your designs, limiting the choice down to a small selection will allow the committee to become involved, but not give them too much scope for change.

Colour needs consideration. If you have 2 or 3 club colours to use try and have an even balance. Alternatively use one of the colours as the base and apply certain colours as design features.

Note; once you are ready to take your design to your chosen supplier, remember to discuss your club’s specific colour(pantone). Their designer will be able to match and ensure the traditional colour continues to be used for the new uniform. This is usually free of charge.


5. Add the final touches; club logo, sponsors, names, etc.

Start by applying the concrete features, including the Club logo, Competition logo, and the playing number. Then start to add your variable details including sponsors, club motto, website etc.

Depending on the level of competition it’s worth checking to see if there are any rules you have to follow regarding logos. I.e. size constraints and positioning.


There is no right or wrong when designing a jersey. However if you apply these key points you’ll put yourself in the best situation when moving to the next step and engaging the Sportswear supplier.



  • Uili Danny Misi: October 17, 2021

    Hi i want a rugby union uniform please i want to know how much for the hole set please

  • Mathias Vincent: November 04, 2020

    Can you make custom made Jersey?

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