Posted on October 05 2018


Daniel Strickland, Owner and head coach of CrossFit Townsville as well as former Cowboys Rugby League player and now Strength & Conditioning coach for The MENDI Townsville Blackhawks.

This week We sat down with our newest trainer and got to know more about Daniel and his exciting goals, inspiration and best cheat food! 

Dan, we’d love to know if you’re Queensland born and bred?

I was born in Sydney but we moved to Brisbane when I was 9 so I am most definitely a Queenslander!!

Tell us your favourite Sports? If you can, list your top 3

Rugby League



Who was your idol growing up and why?

As a huge Rugby League fan as a kid I had a number of players I idolised and wanted to emulate. The one that stood above them all was Bradley Clyde. His work ethic and attention to detail in his training was phenomenal.

That is so inspiring, who is your idol now as an adult and why?

My idol right now is Ben Bergeron. Ben owns a CrossFit gym in Boston and nobody knows programming and coaching like him. He has been on the CrossFit scene for a long time and is by far the wisest human I have ever been lucky enough to meet.

With and amazing career under your belt, what is your favourite moment so far?

Being a part of the premiership winning Young Guns team in 2005.

We would love to know, what are you up to now?

Most mornings you will see me in my gym either taking PT’s or classes.

Anything we can look forward to seeing from you in the future?

The continued growth of CrossFit and CrossFit Townsville.

And most importantly, what is your favourite cheat food?



Thank you so much Daniel! We look forward to hearing your tell-all tips and tricks on anything health and training.

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